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What to Wear Guide- Family Photo Shoot

What to Wear Guide- Family Photo Shoot

I often get asked guidelines for putting together outfits for photo shoots. Occasionally, I put together a blog post of outfits that have stuck out to me as ones that photograph well, and I have also had experience with many types of clothing that don’t work well for photo shoots as well. So below you will find my Fall 2017 What to Wear Guidelines:


-Wear clothing that fits well

-Find outfits with “character”–things are are visually interesting and “different” (especially for the girls). Layers are also great for Fall.

-Wear colors with a deep hue–especially in fall–clothing with bold, deep jewel tones stand out.

-Wear long dresses for the moms (not short ones that are hard to sit in and may cause you anxiety if exposing too much leg when moving around!)

-Simple and basic tees for boys are always a good choice- v-neck or regular neck (and then they won’t complain that they aren’t comfortable!). Old navy has some GREAT choices for inexpensive tees for the men and little boys.

-Button ups for dads and boys always work well. Patterns are great!

-Make sure you also coordinate shoes with outfits, as a poor choice in footwear can make or break an outfit

-Girls look great in little rompers, sweater dresses, flowy dresses, fun leggings with bold jewel tones, cardigans, etc.

-Layered looks for boys are great too, especially when it gets chilly. There are so many fun sweaters out there now with interesting character (buttons/overlapping collars/etc).

-Put a simple, coordinating hair piece on your girls- a little bow or barrette that doesn’t distract too much from their face but ties the outfit together



-Wear ill fitting clothes

-Wear neon colors

-Wear all the same color

-Overalls are pretty tricky during photoshoots as they tend to ride up and the straps never sit quite right when a child is sitting or doing a family squish

-Wear footwear that doesn’t go with your outfit (steer away from crocs/bright colored flip flops/tennis shoes).


And if you’re ever in a jam, just send me an email with some images of what you’re working with, and I would be more than happy to help you with decision!

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