Toilet Action . . .


What do you do when you are stuck at home with a little who has the stomach bug and know you won’t be leaving for a couple of days? Start potty training the toddler! Yes. . . that’s crazy at it’s finest. Lots of toilet action going on in this house. But I think it made sense. I was going to wait until February break next week, but after thinking it through I didn’t want to be a slave to the potty during break. So when Carter ended up sick yesterday, I decided to take the idea of starting a week early and run with it knowing that I was going to be home for a couple of days anyways. Wish me luck. He’s the oldest so far of the three when I started, and the least ready. But fingers crossed he’ll figure it out in a few days!  Wish me luck! And fingers crossed no one else gets the bug!

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