The three hundred twenty seven things I send to school each day.


There are so many days when I can’t believe the sheer amount of stuff that we have. I love the thought of simplicity. Of minimalism. Of not having more than you really need. But then I stare at this pile of 327 things that I send with my kids each day to school and realize that it’s just not reality. They need this and they need that, and heaven forbid we have just one water bottle for each kid and then they couldn’t have one in their bed and one in their backpack and one in their soccer bag.

Maybe it’s not as much stuff as it looks like, but I feel like I pack for their school day for like thirty minute straight. And this is only TWO of my kids.

I just realize that their library books are missing from the picture. Add four more things. . .

Can’t wait till we have instruments thrown in there!

Tell me–am I the only one who thinks this is a lot of stuff?? So much for simplicity!






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