Spring, Spring! There you are!


It is an unheard of seventy-two degrees outside right now. If my screens were on my windows, I would have them all open, but we are still winterized over here in Webster. Sawyer and I spent a good chunk of the morning playing outside. He hasn’t been outside to play in forever, so he had no idea what to do with himself–he just couldn’t pick. Chalk, bikes, basketball, baseball, bugs, dirt, another bike. He settled on fishing in our little landscaping pond. It’s full of muck and leaves and he spent a good twenty minutes fishing with a bat, getting out slimy leaves and telling me to eat them for a snack. Yum.

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Winter wasn’t nearly as awful as it normally is in these parts, but we were still house bound for most of it. The snow wasn’t bad at all this year–our snow plow guy only had to come six times this year–he came after it snowed more than three inches. And fourĀ of those six times were in a 24 hour period. . . we got one awful storm during February, but other than that, we were spoiled. The grass is still green and some of my flowers and plants are already poking out of the ground. I saw some crocuses yesterday, and a bunch of my sedum plants are already growing. While that excites me, it also exhausts me. . . just thinking about all the outdoor maintenance that I always fail at. I do not like winter very much at all, but the one thing it has going for itself is that I don’t have to maintain anything outside! Ha! I am just not very good at it. Nor is it a passion of mine (which is maybe why I’m not very good at it).

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So we will trudge on. It will get cold again in a day or two. We will continue to “lounge” it out down in the basement in the refrigerator box. The boys will continue to run around in circles in our main living area. They will kick a ball around in the basement and play hockey and hide and seek down there. We will begin exploring outside when we can, and make the most of the Spring days that start coming our way. It’s always so up and down at this time of year. . . 70’s today, 40’s tomorrow. Winter coats on one day, shorts another. But we will take it one day at a time. That’s what we always do.







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