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My third child and I don’t do nearly half of what I used to do with Brayden when he was two. I’m happy to hang out at home with him during the mornings. I think because our life is generally a little more action packed with three kids than it was with one, I’m okay with having no plans. When Brayden was little, we didn’t have evening sports/activities/etc, so heading out in the mornings (EVERY morning) wasn’t adding extra chaos to the day. But when my friend told me that Pete the Cat would be at one of the local libraries on the boys’ day off from school, we decided to try to make it work. As luck would have it, registration was closed because the event was full. We packed up and met them there anyways in hopes that a few people wouldn’t show up and we’d be allowed to go in. I’m glad we did–they ended up having a lot of people just “show up” and they let us all in, which was great. It was cute, and quick–they read one of his books and then they did photos.

Of course, Sawyer was the only one who wouldn’t get in the picture! On another note, I’m super happy that my almost nine-year-old didn’t think it too babyish 🙂 He’s a good egg, that one.

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