Loss like no other

Back when my husband was growing up in New Hampshire, his two sisters made a lifelong best friend. They all grew up together and went to the same college down in Florida, and all three of them still live down there. I’ve spent some time with her here and there–not in a long time though since nobody lives near us. We are still “social media friends”, and I am always drawn to the love that she has for her children and her creativity in the sewing world. I have been following along with her latest pregnancy–her third, and what would have made their family a family of five, with three kids under three!

But two days ago, they lost their baby girl, at 34 weeks. Hadley Grace. I will never understand when things like this happen, and I have been thinking a lot about her and her husband, and how hard it must be to lose a child. She was induced yesterday morning. I can’t even imagine what they must be going through. Holding her, wondering what she would’ve been like here on this earth. What joy she would’ve brought to their family.

I have been reading all of the posts on her page. All the encouragement, all the words of love and hope and sympathy. Social media sometimes can be distracting and troublesome at times, but with trials like this, it’s so nice to see people coming from everywhere to help. Without social media, many people wouldn’t have known what happened with Hadley. People wouldn’t know to pray for strength and comfort. They wouldn’t have been able to see the blessing of the ultrasound pictures from when Samantha and Jared found out that Hadley was a girl a few months ago. And they wouldn’t be able to spread around the gofundme page that has been set up to help with funeral expenses for Hadley.

In times like this, when there is a loss like no other, it’s amazing to see people come together to rally around those in need. What an amazing thing.

The images below were not taken by me, but I felt led to share them. It’s one thing to hear about someone going through something like this. But when you see a physical image of it, it brings it to a whole new level of real. It’s not just a story. It’s a real and tragic moment.

If you would like to support Samantha and Jared in covering Hadley’s funeral costs, here is the link for her gofundme page.







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