Changing the Face of Beauty | Down Syndrome Awareness Photo Session

Meet Everett. A handsome little dude who is changing the face of beauty.

Down syndrome awareness

Words from Everett’s Mom-

Everett is the best person I have ever met. He is kind, loving and so hysterical. He entertains us all day long without even trying. He loves people and loves to socialize. He loves music, dancing, reading, his iPad and annoying his sister, Annelise. They are just like any other siblings. They fight, and argue and love each other and help each other. Everett’s speech is still evolving and it can be hard for people to understand him. Not Annelise: she understands everything he says. She is a second mommy to him. She wipes his nose when he needs it, helps him take his coat and shoes off after school and helps him wash his hands. She’s only 2 ½ but she knows he may need a little extra help! I can only hope they continue to remain so close. 

I can truly say I want Everett to be happy going forward. I want him to go to his prom. I want him to have a girlfriend and I would love to see him fall in love and get married. Everyone should know what it’s like to love someone in that way. I also want him to live next door to me forever (I’m sure he won’t want to). I could never imagine my life without him or not seeing him every day. He gives me hugs out of the blue and kisses my forehead. I never want that to end. He is a part of me. 

Down syndrome awareness Down syndrome awarenessIt was a pleasure to do a special photo session with some local kids who have Down syndrome. I am hoping to spread awareness locally in addition to adding my own flair to the campaign, Changing the Face of Beauty






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