Catching Up

S l o  w   l   y catching up with the hundreds of photos in adobe bridge that are unedited.  These ones are all from the weekend at my parents house two weeks ago.  Life slips by so unnoticed.  And at least this blog helps me stay on top of my pictures just a little bit.  Otherwise, they’d stay unedited for months upon months before I touched them.  
We threw Brayden a second mini-birthday party, to celebrate with family.  Really, there were only two kids who enjoyed the birthday party festivities–Brayden and his cousin, Abbey.  
We also had a bittersweet going away party for my brother and his family.  They are headed overseas for missions for a minimum of three years.  They just left two days ago. . . and while we are rejoicing in their willingness to follow where the Lord leads, we will miss them terribly. Mostly I will mourn the fact that Brayden and Carter won’t be growing up with their cousins.  We are thankful for technology though, and skype will have to serve it’s purpose well.  
Miss Abbey, 
We love you and were so glad that you got to come and spend a few days with Brayden before you left. You are a good example for him because you have such a good attention span.  You are dainty and adorable and we will miss you terribly!
Love, Auntie
Mr. Charles,
You are an adorable wildman and are full of energy and enthusiasm.  We wish we could have spent a little more time with you before you left with mommy and daddy, but we were thankful to get to see a small glimpse of your enthusiastic personality for a few days.  Be a good boy!
Love, Auntie
Brayden had a little sports time with daddy . . . 
And Joshua showed us his amazing jumping abilities while Charles looked on in awe . .  .
Then we attempted a picture of all four grandchildren with Grammy & Poppy and Gigi & Papa.  As you can see, it was a little difficult.  I took about thirty pictures.  Only a few were presentable.  Charles wasn’t in the photo shoot spirt . . . 
But we’ll take what we can!  And if these are the best we’ve got, then these are the best we’ve got!






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