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I like to tell stories. But not stories with words. My husband will tell you that I am beyond terrible at telling stories. My words usually fail me--nothing flows. I skip details. And it always sounds better in my head before I tell it. But put a camera in my hand, and the stories seems to flow so much better. A giggle. A loving embrace. A sweet dance of twirls through the golden evening light. A secret between siblings. The yawn of a new baby. Words aren't needed for these stories. As the old saying goes, a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Let me tell your story. And let me help you remember it for years to come. 

 My house is full of boys. Including the oldest boy in the house, who I've been happily married to for over twelve years. Before kids, we enjoyed traveling, doing house projects and immersing ourselves in athletic activities. If you asked me what my dream profession would be (besides photography, which don't get me wrong, I am extremely passionate about), it would be a professional golfer. Bet you didn't see that one coming! 

Photography has been an amazing adventure. I feel like I am living a dream sometimes. What a lucky, blessed girl I am to be able to capture such important times in my clients' lives. 

I believe in life long love. 
I believe in striving to live life to it's fullest. 
I believe in finding joy in the ordinary.

Maybe your story isn't perfect. Maybe you've had better days. But there will be no other today. Today is full of possible. And when you look back on these stories that we've written, your stories in images, you will look back and see that they were always more than enough. 

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Newborns have made their way into my heart as my favorite subjects to photograph. over the past few years. There is nothing more amazing than capturing these beautiful little miracles in their first few days of life. Their tiny fingers, baby soft skin and sweet little faces make me swoon. Making the investment in newborn photography is one you will cherish for a lifetime. All collections are for weekday morning sessions.  Collections begin at $395. Please inquire for specific package options. 

Family and child sessions are so important to me and what I believe in as a mother. This time in your family's life is so fleeting--and oh so important. As a mother of three young boys, I know my time with them as "littles" will be gone before I know it. I want to be sure to preserve some special moments with them while I can. Milestones only happen once before they have come and gone. Don't let the time slip softly by.  Sessions include your choice of fifty high-resolution images with printing rights. Weekday sessions only. Add $75 for weekend sessions.  

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